Sudden Illumination or a Kick in the Third Eye

by Squeegeed Clean

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'Squeegeed Clean' by tk bollinger

Attali wrote in Noise, his outstanding thesis on the political economy of music, that Music is a
sacrificial prayer, a way of communicating with the primordial Chaos in order to reassure the listener,
to transform existential anxiety into joy and internal discord into harmony.

What then is anti-music, the philosophy of music that Squeegeed Clean espouses and in turn creates
with such fervent aplomb? Here the sacrificial knife is not spared on the victim, it is rather
plunged remorselessly in the ears of the listener and the blood and brains that issue forth are
examined for the right colour and consistency and then the knife moves on.
A brutal metaphor is needed for this brutal music of a brutal age – a barbaric era of music’s
evisceration and deconstruction, where the artist, as axe wielding madman, has come to the fore,
and has decapitated the old artistic values, and now sings songs over the memories of well-composted
Here we have a prime example of what Gylve Nagell described as
“the wealthy and troubled art that comes from the exhaustion of easy life”.

Thankfully this is Art, not life, and is that not the point?
Times of change are times of chaos and the gods of chaos demand different prayers to the gods of
order and harmony.
Squeegeed Clean have shown their loyalty to methods that are both daring and ridiculous and in doing
so give birth to troubled children of the mind. That is what a challenged culture in turn challenges
us to see.


released October 9, 2015

funkmeister g - * all tracks
(sax, guitar, vox, tapes, synth, percussion & lotsa other shit)

dj urinal cake - * all tracks
(bass, guitar, drums, tapes, synth, percussion & lotsa other shit)

axiam ziltch *tracks 2 ,3,5, 6
(sl-mo sdrawkcab/forwards guitar, tashiogoto, percussion & toys)

adamor ziltch *tracks 2, 5,6
(old tape recordings, bells, percussion & toys)

don campau *tracks 4 & 5
(sdrawkcab, forwards & deranged guitar by dc)


recorded by funkmeister g & dj urinal cake 2011/2012/2013

(4 track, sydney. pc & digi porta recorder, melbourne.)

mixed by dj urinal cake 2014. mastered by chad shields 2014
front cover painting by Justine

other digital art by adamor & djuc



all rights reserved


Squeegeed Clean Huonville, Australia

well we don't sound like the bee gees, here we are now, we're the squeegees!

a 2 piece dedicated to live jam impro recording:
moments of uncontrolled joyous weirdness
free of convention and intention

Recordings began 2004/5, all at home, on planet Earth if you can believe that. name inspired by Bill Hicks

DJ Urinal Cake (Vocabularinist) , Funkmeister G, Axiam Ziltch & random guests
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